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CAPITÃ MARVEL: Brie Larson agradece a receptividade e ainda brinca com Chris Evans

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, Cinemaster! *-* Puts, quase surtei quando Tio Feige chamou Brie no palco da San Diego Comic-Con. Sensacionaaaaaaaal! =D E para comemorar, Larson liberou em seu perfil no Instagram um textão de inspiração (inclusive, vale a pena ler) e no Twitter... ahhhhh o Twitter... Larson ainda brincou com Chris Evans ao dizer: "Olhe pra mim... Eu sou a Capitã agora (heheheheheh)! Woooow! =D

Woke up this morning thinking about the tidal wave of support I got this weekend. It was nerve-racking to trust fall into the Internet! I know who I am, but its wild how quickly you can forget once someone calls you something terrible. I was reminded how the acceptance of community is a deeply rooted need - but I don't want to live worried people will hate me because I'm myself! We should all have the freedom to be our authentic selves without fear or judgement. It's scary to chip away at all the hardness we coat ourselves with to protect that perfect little being inside. Yeah, people can be mean, but they can also be so many other wonderful things too. Let's make this place a safe space. No hate and more understanding. To the followers that are new: welcome! Sometimes I let people take over my Instagram to share their views of the world. That's coming up next. Thanks for joining us!
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